Summer Fun ft. G-Field

The summer is coming and spring is in full force.  Well not here, we still have a tad bit of snow to get rid of but it is progress I swear! Mother nature is definitively still breaking up with winter. All in all, I can feel the spring in SL, and I am definitively in love this mint color this season. Its just so much fun! Not so green, but not so blue its the best of both worlds! This amazing dress is brought to you by G-Field and it was an exclusive at the FFl event this year so I am so sorry if you missed it! But it is a great reminder to keep your eyes open for amazing exclusives.

I just love this dress in both look and flow. Its easy  comfortable and fashionable. Something very do-able in RL for all us dual life shoppers out there. The modest top adds some sexy flair but makes it perfect for Sunday morning mass.

I don't always do color but when I do I like to get all matchy matchy sometimes. I played in tones of green to mint to aqua. I was in a green mood you might say. With the right up-do any look can be made more formal. This simple bun is stunning and easy to do for a mom on the run.

Dress: Taylor by G-Field
Jewellery: Nur by Finesmith
Shoes: Pimp Pumps by GOS