Limited Editions at Purple Moon

 Let me be honest with you. I bought this gown, I was so excited I think I went crazy-- And then I didnt take it off for at least 2 weeks. This right here made me fall in love with glam. 

 Poulet from Purple Moon Creations released some limited edition gowns over the holidays and I was lucky enough to get my hands on two of these gowns and my favorite jewelry set! So I decided for now to let you see one of the two, Cao Gown was sold as a per-release of the gown that Caoimhe Lionheart Miss Essence of PurpleMoon 2012 wore in this months Avenue Magazine for her last walk in welcoming 2013. This red form fitted gown features a flowy skirt with an upper lace bodes.

So this gown gave me a love for the color red. I never gave this vibrant color a chance, but I adore it oh so much.  I can honestly say that this gown was a shocker. With such an elegant fit, I can only imagine how pretty Caoimhe Lionheart must feel.But You are lucky, PurpleMoon loves its loyal members and in such an overwhelming response, the Cao Gown has been released in stores in 6 different colors. So even if you missed it in red, it is now available in white, black, gold, pearl, a light pink/purple and a light green.

So to accessorize, I wanted to keep this look and as I sat there, waiting for this release, the matching jewellery set caught my eye. I had to get it to match.Necklace, earrings and a beautiful ring completed this look. Lucky enough to say, I did. It was a quick styling fix, and both of these pieces work fabulously together. 

Makeup can always make or break a look as my fabulous teacher Ava Jhamin always yells at me for my sometimes for always playing with a deep eye. I reversed that and created a super special lip. This fabulous gloss is from my favorite set. Almost all my lips come within the Vixen Gloss Palettes at Beautiful Deluxe Body Artistry. I LOVE these palettes. Each set containing 4 variations of a color. I have them all and each color is perfect for something! Pulling through with a deep lip and gentle lined eyes, you can create elegance and a simplicity that screams look at me!

Dress: Cao limited Edition in Red - PurpleMoon
Jewellery: Cycle Limited Edition in Ruby - PurpleMoon
Lip: Vixen Gloss Palette 1 Hue 1 - BDBA
Hair: Adorable - Tuty's

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