New Year's Resolution ft. OTFC & Zuri & BDBA!

Well, Christmas has passed us and its times to start thinking about that New years resolutions. With our new gifties we move into a new year and as we prepare for this, you come to a point where you think to yourself : Damn. I need an outfit for New Years! Well don't you fret, there is still a few more days at the OTFC left! 

So we saw the sparkle gown for Christmas (in red & green) that can be worn.... But I wanted something a little more flirty, a little more shiny! So this adorable mini-dress is just PERFECT. Well you might ask, why is it perfect? Well it is available in 4 colors, each of which are gentle & soft. So with this softness you can style it however you like!  So pop on in and do not miss any of these amazing deals all under 300L, perfect for that post-Christmas budget! Now not only is this a great party dress, but its all age appropriate. The modified sweetheart neckline classes things up a little and brings out an elegance to your style. So it can double as that office party piece or triple as that business meeting dress with a nice blazer!

Well we need to accessorize don`t we?! And I have to admit, I have a new addiction! I am in LOVE with N-Core Shoes! These fabulous pumps may cost a pretty penny, but I assure you, they are worth every penny of it. Okay and make it two addictions, with my love of pearls, these color changing pearl set by Zuri has me head over heels in love!

Okay another mini rant! Lets get this party going. But you cannot just slip on a dress and expect to be ready, SL skins may come with makeup, but that`s no fun. So I took another trip to Beautiful Deluxe Body Artistry (on my sponsors page for the link!) So I bought these lipsticks, and all I can say is WOW. The gloss pallets  I actually bought 4 of the sets, are nothing short of amazing. Vibrant and well textured fitting almost any lip size (trust me I tried) are a inventory MUST HAVE! So you really shouldn`t be reading this, but if I havn`t sold you on a trip down there yet, well looks like I will try again. So to complete this look (minus the lashes from Amaci) I layered it with one of their holiday fill face sets (hue 1). Just two simple pieces, both beautiful on their own and powerful together. So take a trip, learn to layer and see what looks you can create.

Dress: Louis (Gold) - InMontster (availbe at OTFC)
Shoes: Ultra-platform - N-Core
Jewllery: Pearl Heart - Zuri
Lipstick: Vixxen Gloss Palette ( shade1 ) - BDBA
Eyeshadow:  Holiday Full Face Hue 1 - BDBA
Poses: Assorted from Poseion


  1. Very beautifull. And...please, where I can find the hair?

  2. It can be found at Wasabi Pills, under the name "Veronica" if my memory serves me correct :)