New Years and Partys to Come ft. Just Darling

Welcome to 2013!
Well New years has come and gone! Welcome into 2013 everyone. But I don't know about you but right after the new year, I always tend to get a ton of wedding invitations for the up and coming spring and summer. Which tends to be a royal pain since you cannot always find a wonderful spring dress in the winter! So I have a fix for that in SL, and that is a lovely gown from Just Darling: Sessendris.

Like always, quality was a key ingredient in this gown, found in 7 colors! This beautiful sculpted mesh gown hugs your curves and creates a sleek silhouette. The high neckline in the front is contrasted with a low back, elongating the torso and creating a sexy feel for your next special occasion.

 Just Darling: sunshine/43/163/27

Dress: Sessendris in Purple - Just Darling (MESH)

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